Certification Training Day, Kastoria, Greece

Thursday 29 June 2017: Certification training day organized by CluBE and the Chamber of Kastoria. The training was given by the German company DIN CERTCO and the Spanish R&D Centre CTFC – Centro Tecnológico Forestal de Cataluña. Mr. Marco Pagels and Mr. Pere Navarro, representatives of DIN CERTCO and CTFC, started the seminar with an introduction of the biomass certification systems and their requirements.

They also presented the quality requirements of wood pellets and briquettes according to DIN EN ISO 17225-2 and DIN EN ISO 17225-3, the requirements of the EU timber regulation and the requirements of wood pellets and quality assurance during transportation and warehouse logistics according to ÖNORM M 7136. Additionally, the requirements of PEFC and FSC certificates concerning the systems of sustainable and environmentally friendly forest management have been introduced. In addition, the speakers presented the ISCC system which deals with the sustainable biomass consideration of the complete value chain, from farmers to traders of biofuels/bio-materials and assures traceability within the value chain, and the ISCC PLUS system, which enables to proof sustainability in non-regulated markets like food or feed, as well as their technical/chemical applications and lastly, the RED Cert certification system for sustainable biomass, the requirements on the bioenergy market and the supply chain requirements of food and feed market.