Training Quality Manager for Production of solid biofuels or wood pellets

Solsona, Spain, 16 September 2016

Sustainable biofuels are becoming more and more relevant in decentral heating and energy supply grids. Especially solid biofuels can show a CO2 balance and are very efficient in comparison to fossil fuels. To impr…

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The Innovation Voucher Competition has been closed.

More than 35 interesting proposals were submitted by local SMEs. The evaluation committee is currently working out the selection of the best proposed bioenergy innovation pilot projects and shall soon notify the winners of the competition. The SecureChain consortium will collaborate closely with the selected SMEs for the coming 2 years to support the successful implementation of their pilot projects.

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Kickoff meeting in Münster, Germany

11 May 2015: The consortium held a three-day kickoff meeting in Münster (11-13 May 2015) to work out the specific working plan for the coming three years.

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Watch the SECURECHAIN Video to find about the project objectives, partners and benefits for companies in the bioenergy sector.