The Model Güssing

Friday 10 March 2017: The SMEs, key-stakeholders and partners of SecureChain visited Güssing, where they were informed about “The Model Güssing“, which is a strategy of decentralised and local energy production with all the available renewable resources of the region. It is a self sufficient energy supply based on regionally available renewable resources and sustainable regional development.

The Güssing renewable energy plant boosts local economy by creating jobs and increasing the quality of life for local residents, alleviates any communities dependent on pollution heavy energy sources, solves the communities’ debris problems by offering a sound environment and economic solution and manages carbon by recycling them into a renewable energy supply that is greenhouse gas neutral. In addition, all Güssing renewable energy solutions rely on the principle of carbon recycling biomass that is an original and natural form of CO2 storage.

The research centre “Technikum” with a focus on biomass gasification and synthetic fuels was opened as part of the COMET programme. The Technikum in Güssing is one of several locations for the “Bioenergy 2020+” competence centre, where, amongst others, the Vienna University of Technology, Graz University of Technology and Joanneum Research are involved.

The special feature of district heating plant in Urbersdorf is that the operations building of the heat distribution system was equipped with solar collectors. As a result Ubersdorf is heating hot utility water during summer just by solar collectors. During winter months, they serve a support of heating operation for covering peak loads.